Friday, January 22, 2010

Thanks and a little smalltalk

This is the picture I used on my first blog post back in August of '09! Here I am with over 12,000 views and over 200 posts! Thanks so much my fellow bloggers for your friendship and especially for my liberal friends, thank you and keep doing what you do, spreading our message of hope and change!

Addressing a town hall meeting in Elyria, Ohio today, President Obama was speaking to us, his base. His tone was different, he admits mistakes, he says he hears us, he IS on our side. He will be accused of being in campaign mode, but ya know what, let 'em talk!

What happened in Massachusetts was a wake up call, I believe we are going to see a new President Obama this year, the Obama we liberals voted for. While the right is crying he is TOO liberal, the truth is, he was too conservative. It's what the polls are saying and it's why dems lost the Senate seat in Massachusetts. President Obama HAS to move to left of center or he will continue to alienate his base. He is on a course correction, and that will prove to be a wise move.

Obama also mentioned in Ohio that a key part of his State of the Union address will be about pushing for major reform of the financial regulatory system. Last week, he proposed a tax on banks to recoup taxpayer bailout funds. He said, "I want to charge Wall Street a modest fee to repay taxpayers in full for saving their skin in a time of need. You can rest assured, we're going to get that money -- your money -- back, each and every dime." He said a fight is brewing but he is up for the fight, "I didn't run for president to turn away from these challenges. I didn't run for president to kick them down the road. I ran for president to confront them, once and for all", he said.

We even have some rightwingers giving the thumbs up for Obamas course correction, Mike Huckabee said “Let me go out on a limb and tell you, this is probably the beginning of the re-election of Barack Obama.”

Then we have Billo on his show tonight talking about the FALL of the Democratic Party!!! Oh yea, he's naming all the left leaning cable shows and newspapers, they are on the decline he says! You see what he's doing, when the right gets scared, they fearmonger. That's all they have! They TRY to make the left look bad and think that makes them look good. LMFAO!!!

So anyway, thanks again my loyal friends for visiting my humble little blog. I appreciate each and every one of you!


The CDM said...


Sue said...

so C, you had a nice Christmas?

Anonymous said...

Hello Sue... I am sorry I have been so out of touch.... so much is going on in my life... I dont know where to begin.... I was a bit bothered by the win in Mass. but in the end.. we will be just fine. (I just know it.)

I am still proud to have Obama as our President! I feel he is doing an awesome job... under the circumstances in which the country was left.

I realize that no matter what Obama does, or does not do.. he will be judged and ridiculed! I hold my head high... I am proud to have Obama lead our country!

I really miss you.. I will make a come back real soon...

donna M

Sue said...

Awwww look it's the 3 of us together again! And C, you are on top!! LMFAO!!!

Miss you Donna!!xoxoox

Sue said...

you can push me outta the way C....

TOM said...


Keep up the good work

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

As always, nice work Sue....and congrats on hitting those milestones!

Leslie Parsley said...

Congrats and warm hugs. Hope I can survive a year of this.

JoeBama "Truth 101" Kelly said...

Slow down all of you dag nabbit! I can't keep up with all your posts. You're making me look lazy.

I watched Obama's speech. I was impressed when he said we're moving forward on health care with Democrats and any republicans that want to join us. I hope he means screw the ones that don't.

It's just like when I was in sales. Each "no" got me one step closer to yes. Yes we can and I, like you Sue, stand with President Obama. The wake up call wasn't so much the Brown victory. It was the realization that these republican, corporate shilling sleazebags would work against Jesus Christ Himself if they thought it would benefit their masters.

The Hoyers and McConnells have no honor. They have no ideas to make America better. All they have is their "no" votes and tired, dishonest talking points. They deserve no seat at the table.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sue... that was hilarious!!!!!! C would just love being on top!!!! LOL.... :)

Donna M

Sue said...

Donna I guess you missed all those comments from C, he always pointed out to me when he was directly above you on the bloglist, he was "on top of you" and was happy as a jaybird!!

Sue said...

Tom, Hugh, Leslie and Truth, thanks!!! you are good and faithful friends and I send you big hugs! you too C and Donna!

Sue said...

Monday thru Thursday I'm tied up with the baby, so by Friday I'm scrambling to post something juicy!
I was impressed with Obama today too. I'm looking forward to this "course correction" and this year being a great one for us! There is going to be alot going on in Congress in the next few months, lots of opportunities to watch how the right votes and if they are on the side of the people. If they continue to be the party of NO just out of their hatred for Obama and his agenda, then in November it will be they who suffer, not us. All this bragging they have been doing, saying dems are going down, friggin hilarious!!!

Infidel753 said...

"Being in campaign mode" would be a good idea. Remember that when Obama was campaigning he ended up doing what we need him to do now: winning.

Sue said...

that's right Infidel, Huckabee said it too! lol. Your proof is last nights Billo show saying the left is doomed, it was hilarious!!

The Wool Cupboard said...

You all are still clinging to your President to change your lives. Why not change your life yourself? It is easier when you don't have to worry about a politician doing what you want him to do. Obama is going to tell you what he thinks you want to hear and then do what he wants anyway...get over it. It is all about power and the marginalizing of the American citizen. In order for Obama's one world progressive utopia to work, the American standard of living has to tumble. Do you honestly think that he is able to bring the rest of the world up to American standards? He won't even try.

You are still under the illusion that most of Americans agree with President Obama, but you are wrong. Look at the various polls which stated this week that more than 65% of Americans think the President is taking us in the wrong direction. Most people don't want health care that is unsustainable, cap and trade which will destroy our economy, taxes which will further destroy economic recovery, and a President who is so arrogant that he thinks he can save the world with his words. Flowery speeches are not enough. It took your choice for President less than a year to find out that his policies are considered misguided and will not be accepted by the American people.

Lisa G. said...

Linda - link for your 65% disapproval rating? Or did you just pull that out of your ass?

Sue, you're doing some good work - keep it up!

Oso said...

Congratulations on your milestone.Keep up the good work!

As to Obama,I'm see no reason to be enthused over his sitting on his ass doing nothing for an entire year then suddenly talking tough.

He had a year to listen to sound advice and act, and he chose to do nothing but continue the Bush administration economic policy by casting aside Stiglitz and Goolsbee and instead pursuing policy dictated by Goldman Sachs.

Screw him.The tough talk may energize his base for a bit but it's posturing.He's an empty suit who has delivered on the down payment from Wall St in the form of massive campaign contributions.

I'm proud to say I voted for Nader.I'd vote for Nixon's corpse before I'd vote Obama.

jadedj said...

Sue this is a great blog excepting one flaw...the Linda and Lisa (not Lisa G) twins. Keep up the good words!

Leslie Parsley said...

Linda: Yesterday's update to your poll numbers:

Public Policy Polling: only 19% of Republicans are happy with the direction the party is going; 56% are unhappy. 58% of Independents - even those who voted for Brown - are unhappy with the way the GOP is going.

"The latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll found only 30percent of those surveyed had a favorable view of Republicans. That is 8 percentage points lower than the favorability rating for Democrats. And 22 points lower than Obama’s…"

"The WSJ/NBC poll found 65 percent felt Obama inherited the economic mess, while only 17 percent said his policies were “mostly responsible” for the current situation."


You must have gotten your figures from Rasmussen.

The Wool Cupboard said...

tnlib ~ Sorry for the omission of the poll location. I was in a hurry when I commented! I actually saw the poll numbers on the news, but I will paste the link below.

"Nationally, Republican candidates still hold an eight-point lead over Democrats in the latest edition of the Generic Congressional Ballot. Forty-five percent (45%) would vote for their district’s Republican congressional candidate while 37% would opt for his or her Democratic opponent. Republicans have held the lead on the ballot for several months now.

In other surveys last week:

-- Thirty percent (30%) of voters say the country is heading in the right direction. Voter confidence in the direction of the country has been hovering at this level for weeks. The majority of voters (66%) continue to believe the nation is heading down the wrong track."

Here is the link:

The Wool Cupboard said...

I don't know why the link did not fully print, but here it is again:

The Wool Cupboard said...

OK!! I'm having trouble getting the whole link to display...not sure why.

Oso said...

Hi Linda,
I'd like to see what the Zogby polls say.Zogby himself has a bit of liberal bias,Ramussen has about the same amount of conservative bias so they'd balance each other out.

One difference is Rasmussen uses a recording,Zogby live interviewers.I don't know how that would make a difference,except Republicans usually stay home cause Democrats are out working.

Linda I'm just kidding about that last part !

Lisa said...

Congratulations Sue on your blog even though you delete some of my comments. I like to come here because it is never boring and at least I have Linda and I am not alone. Plus I think Leslie likes to use me for her punching bag.

jadedj-If Linda and I are twins then the rest of you are octuplets.

I am actually agreeing with more than one of the comments today and that is Oso but perhaps for a different reason although his tough talk started showing right after his swearing in. And of course Linda is correct in that Obama's goal is to marginalize the American citizen. He has no intention of bringing the rest of the world up to our standard. He can only achieve that equality by bringing us down.

I basically agree with you too Sue that he has to move to the center but not to the left of it. If he moves any further left he will not be a 2nd term president,especially if he let's the labor unions and Moveon dictate his grandiose plans of "transforming America".
Those tea baggers are really lighting a fire under our leaders. In other words this administration has awoken a sleeping giant. It's not racism,it's pure unadulterated liberalism that got Brown elected.Like it or not and deny it as much as you want. Facts are facts. People are rejecting these far reaching policies of government control of health care and everything else they are trying to control.

"Republicans usually stay home cause Democrats are out working".

Oso are you calling republicans lazy? How then can they create so much wealth then?

Pamela Zydel said...

Sue: Hip Hip Hooray! What great "stats" for a blog! You should be really proud! :)

Speaking of stats or polls, look at question #2
Should Congress drop health care reform and focus on more immediate ways to improve the economy and create jobs?

It’s open for "interpretation". Of course people would want Congress to “focus on more immediate ways to improve the economy and create jobs”! People are hurting! These questions don’t get to the “core” of the issue. Ask a question that is MORE specific, like: Should Congress be involved in Health Care? Or: Should there be a Public Option. These polls are NOT “specific” enough and that’s why I don’t like them.

Leslie Parsley said...

"According to the non-partisan Center for Public Integrity, Rasmussen has been a paid consultant for the RNC and President Bush’s 2004 campaign. The RNC paid Rasmussen $95,500 between 2003 and 2004 for items listed as “survey,” “survey cost” and “voter data.” Bush’s campaign paid Rasmussen $45,500 for “survey research.”

oso: you recently mentioned Barbara Jordan in a comment. I had the privilege of hearing her speak many times in Houston. Inspiring, dynamic and smart. She had the potential to become the first Afro-American female president. The love of my life was commissioned by the Texas legislature to paint her portrait which now hangs in the capital. I know this is OT - apologies to Sue but I haven't seen Oso in awhile.

Sue said...

thanks to all for commenting and for your congrats! I missed alot today and now have to catch up....

I keep saying Linda, The country wants to see more liberalism from Obama, they want the public option because its the only way to bring down costs. The medicare cuts are the fraud and the payments to insurance companies, if that isn't done medicare will go broke. Maybe its just the fact you on the right think its all a a big lie, well its not. I'm sure we will hear more during the state of the union address next week. The poll that says we are heading in the wrong direction, you are reading it backwards. The people WANT OBAMA to be more liberal, he's been more Bush-like thats why I'm confused by you on the right who complain about him! You just complain cuz your leaders tell you to!

Leslie Parsley said...

Sue, I forgot to mention in my congratulatory comment what a good post this is. Between it, some other posts - specifically Infidel - and statistics, I'm feeling a lot more positive. I just think we can't let the Tea Buggers and the negative MSM spook us. I don't even read or listen to right-wing crap - it just pisses me off and makes my blood pressure rise to unhealthy altitudes.

Sue said...

Thanks Pam, I am proud!

As for your question #2. I believe the economy improving and HC reform go hand in hand. With soaring rates hurting business and families, reform will cut costs. the right doesn't believe that so I don't know how better to explain, hopefully Obama will try once more during his address.

I'll be back later tonight, thanks agin to all of you!

Sue said...

Leslie the right is trying really hard to spook us, take Billo for instance. His show last night was unbelievable in talking about the fall of the dem party, I had to turn it off it was so sickening! The right always says watch Fox, but its IMPOSSIBLE! Obama is on a "course correction", we will have a great year, I can feel it!

Oso said...

It was a joke,I don't consider Republicans lazy.Or any lazier than Democrats anyway!

Leslie Parsley said...

Oso: Did you see my earlier comment re Barbara Jordan?

Sue said...

Oso I thought your comment was hilarious. cons are always saying liberals don't work, it infuriates me!!

Oso said...

Yes I did I replied at "Los pics de Perejil"!
She was an extraordinary woman. I envy you having had the opportunity to see her speak!

The CDM said...

Sue, Donna dearest, you know better than to bait me like that.

Leslie Parsley said...

Oso: Hadn't noticed the Spanish - I think it sounds better than in English which makes me sound like I'm picking my nose. Gracias.

Sue said...

bait you C? what for art thou sayest?
Damn, wheres Frodo when I need him?

Oso said...

This was my reaction to Obama's get tough speech followed by the Supreme Court decision:

Leslie Parsley said...

Linda: Don't worry about the links. We all mess 'em up from time to time. I appreciate you including them, however. But because I have such disdain for Rasmussen I'm not going there.

Lisa: "Plus I think Leslie likes to use me for her punching bag."

I served notice a few blogs back that I feel I have no obligation to be courteous to anyone who can't write intelligible English, spits out SOS all the time and who deliberately comes around for the sole purpose of disrupting discussion.

I have zero tolerance for anyone of whatever persuasion who doesn't research non-partisan resources but insists on using the SOS that comes off Fox or from Rasmuessen.
And, of course, the research should involve more than one source. Three or more are necessary for verification.

Actually, I have no desire to use you as a punching bad. instead I will make you by mascot with two missions. 1) Teach you how to use proper English. 2) Turn you into a liberal.

Sue said...

Oso, LOL, you are a hoot!! we'll build a fire under the asses of congress if they don't move on the court ruling!!

The Wool Cupboard said...

tnlib ~ Even if Rasmussen had worked as a consultant for the Bush administration, that does not negate the accuracy of his polling methodology. Perhaps he was hired because of his record of accuracy.

""January 7, 2010, Greencastle, Ind. — "Most of us pay attention to polls because we want to know how upcoming elections are likely to play out and how the distribution of political power will change," notes the Wall Street Journal in a story on independent pollster Scott Rasmussen." On that score, Mr. Rasmussen seems to get solid results., a liberal Web site run by Nate Silver, found that Mr. Rasmussen had the third-highest mark for accuracy of any pollster in last year's elections. He predicted a six-point Obama victory; the final margin was seven points. In 2009, Rasmussen did it again. His final survey in New Jersey had Republican Chris Christie beating Democrat Jon Corzine by three points, exactly the margin of Mr. Christie's victory."

Scott Rasmussen, a 1986 graduate of DePauw University, is president of Rasmussen Reports. He and his father, Bill Rasmussen '54, co-founded ESPN.
John Fund's column begins, "Confronted with their gloomy poll numbers, Democrats have decided the solution is to discredit the pollsters they blame for dragging down their standing with the public. reports that the No. 1 target is the proprietor of Rasmussen Reports, source of widely reported polls tracking the declining popularity of President Obama and his legislative initiatives ... Mr. Rasmussen responds that any differences can be accounted for in large part because he screens for only those voters whom he determines are most likely to vote. This group, he says, is trending more conservative these days because they are highly motivated in opposition to Obama policies. Other firms poll adults without screening for likely voters, he told Politico, a procedure that's 'always going to yield a better result for Democrats.'""

Leslie Parsley said...

Linda: That article is based on a piece by the WSJ. I doubt highly that they would say anything else - it's a super conservative publication and reflects the conservative slant. Politico is little better.

Here's part of a comment that was left on my blog by a former pollster:

"Rasmussen is well known for wording and/or ordering their questions in such a way as to skew the outcome."

If their results are so accurate, why do most other polls have such different findings?

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Sue! You're always fun and telling it like it is. Not to mention that your positive attitude is contagious and a nice break for some cynical curmudgeons (ahem, nobody I know, mind you ;).

Sue said...

thank you E!! That is so sweet of you and means alot to me! You were there with me on day one, thanks sweetie!!